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Get Involved

Staying connected to the CBB network is as easy as leaning in and showing up. There's always a circle to be found, sometimes it's even on a Wednesday!

Cohort Ambassadors

Cohort Ambassadors maintain communication and engagement with CBB alumni! Sound fun? 


This small but mighty team will maintain up to date contact information for alumni, distribute event information, recruit alumni for CBB for Life event planning committees, encourage alumni participation in events, and will be involved in planning and executing CBB for Life events and programs. Cohort Ambassadors are invited if they are able to volunteer for 4-8 hours per month. 

Interested in helping CBB for Life as a Cohort Ambassador?

Email to get started!

Two CBB alumni
The Healing Series

The Healing Series: Healing for the Healers 2021-2022

Sometimes the healers need space and time for their own healing. We invite you to hit pause for self-care. 

The Healing Series Flyer

Our first event, Cranial Sacral with James Armour, took place on Wednesday,

September 22, 2021. Download some helpful information here.

Flyer for The Healing Series

Our second event, Winter Solstice Healing Circle with Curandera Grace Sesma, took place on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

Healing Series flyer March 2022

Our third event, Spring Equinox Intention Setting with Celina Jacques, took place on Sunday, March 20, 2022. You can find a video of one of Celina's art therapy workshops that was similar to our CBB for Life event and more information about

her here.

Flyer for the Summer Solstice 2022 celebration

Our fourth and final event in this series, a Summer Solstice Celebration, was an in-person gathering that took place on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 in Liberty Station. Healing through community, connection and tacos!

A group of CBBers at the June 2022 event

Social Justice Action for Afghanistan

Most of you are aware of the recent military withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan and the swift collapse of the proxy government. At present, a Taliban government, legitimized through U.S.-led “peace” talks, holds power over a country of nearly forty million people. The waging of war in Afghanistan extends beyond twenty years of direct military involvement by the United States. There is a long history of colonial occupations in Afghanistan and ongoing unrest that is fueled by competing interests from surrounding nations and the United States.

You may feel resigned, confused or overwhelmed when hearing about Afghanistan. We ask you not to rest in confusion or inaction. Click for some ways you can support the Afghan and Afghan-American community.

Counselors & Critical Conversations flyer

Counselors and Critical Conversations

Critical conversations are the lifeblood of CBB, and those critical conversations that were started fifty years ago still continue today. In 2020, as the pandemic unfolded, Counselors & Critical Conversations was born. A virtual series that addressed the 2020 racial reckoning, the election, and helped healers heal, current students and CBB alumni came together to discuss social-justice, change, and healing.

Check back soon to register for a special Counselors and Critical Conversations focused on the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Counselors and Connections

An important part of the CBB for Life mission is to help alumni stay connected to one another, program faculty, and current students. In 2019, CBB for Life launched Counselors & Cocktails to connect the CBB community for meaningful conversation and instant connection. A free-flowing social series designed to give the CBB community a chance to reunite and reconnect. There’s something special about socializing with CBBers; skip the small talk and go straight to the good stuff. What’s that Gestalt theory again? The whole of anything is greater than its parts. Sometimes it feels real good to spend time in community. Counselors & Cocktails will resume in 2022, as soon as we are safely able to meet again.

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