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Dr. Larry Emerson

Dr. Larry Emerson
Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Larry Emerson was a 1999 graduate of the Community-Based Block Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Education Program and a 2003 graduate of the SDSU/Claremont Joint Doctoral Program in Education (’03).  He walked a path of light and service throughout his life.  His life’s work cannot be confined in this brief narrative, but his gentle spirit touched all those that he crossed paths with. Larry was dedicated to the Navajo Nation and all of the lands’ Native people. As a shaman he spread the power of education and ritual everywhere he went (see more of his legacy here: Tsédaak’aan Learning Community). This scholarship has been established to honor his legacy and his work with the Native people he loved and represented.


Dr. Larry Emerson Memorial Scholarship eligibility requirements:

  1. A current Native CBB student OR;

  2. A current Mexican Indigenous CBB student OR;

  3. Working with Indigenous communities OR;

  4. Ineligible for financial aid and demonstrate financial need.


One $500 scholarship is available. Applications are accepted August 1-30.

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Application Question

Please clearly address the following questions in 800-1000 words:

  1. Describe your lived experience and/or work with Indigenous communities.

  2. Describe your strongest contribution to social justice issues.

  3. Describe your financial situation/need (for example, your financial obligations, and/or any special circumstances or compelling issues related to your financial situation/need).

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