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CBB Legacy

The CBB Legacy is a ripple. One of our favorite ways this legacy shows up is when parent and child are CBB alumni. Check out the parent/child CBBers featured below, and let us know if you have a legacy story to tell; we'd love to feature you!

Jesus Nieto

I am a survivor of the 1977-78 CBB cohort, the 4th year in its existence. When I entered CBB I was totally oblivious of interpersonal communication, culture and much more related to multicultural counseling. The faculty were Dave Malcolm, Raymond Howard and my sister Maria Nieto Senour. This was Maria’s first year teaching in CBB. An unexpected bonus of going through the program was that we became much closer than we had previously been.

Andina Family.jpeg

Andina Aste-Nieto

Hello CBB Family! 


My name is Andina and I have probably been through CBB more times than any human on Earth! I am a graduate of the CBB cohorts of 1979, 2014 and 2016. How is this possible? I was in the very last one-year cohort of 2014, I joined the 2016 cohort to obtain the 69-unit Master’s and (*drum-roll please*)…I went through CBB in my mother’s womb!

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